Saturday, April 18, 2009

My BLOG in Vietnamese

I have a service that tells me where inquiries to my postings are coming from as far as City & State in the United States and City and Country from outside. It is called "StatCounter". I check it often to see where people are from that have found my BLOG and what posting they were reviewing. I have had "hits" from all over the world and all points in America and Canada.

Yesterday I checked the list and found one from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I clicked on the entry and it referred me to what they were looking at in the postings. Here was my item written in Vietnamese! They had translated it (through Google) into their language. I thought it might only be this one posting but all had been translated. When you move the curser over a word or phrase, it turns into English. I copied it off and send to some relatives and friends and when that happens, it is in both English and Vietnamese.

I have some Vietnamese friends that worked with me at State Farm and thought it was interesting that someone had taken the time to view my work in their own language. We also support a charity called Giving It Back To Kids that was started by a friend of ours about 6 years ago and does a great work in Vietnam.

If the person from Ho Chi Minh City comes back to this BLOG, I would like them to contact me through the "Comment" section on this blog. I would like to know what they thought of my writings and why they found it in the first place. Google had key words and Labels referring people to this BLOG and maybe they found it that way.

It is interesting that they are able to translate it so they can read it easier.

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ricasugi said...

Dick, You write an interesting narrative all about growing up and the pride and admiration you have for the parenting by your Grandparents. Someone was there for you to take you thru turbulent times in your young life and then the partner you have chosen to share the rest of the best. It is a privilege for us to have the opportunity to share your story.
Our love to you both,
Ginny & Richard