Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Town & Country Manor Concert Videos To View

I wrote an article about a concert that I did for Town & Country Manor in Santa Ana, CA on September 7, 2008. You can read the story by clicking here.

A DVD has been produced by my daughter and son-in-law and videos are available on YouTube (done by my son Rick) for you to see and hear. One of them is listed here for you to view. The others are on my BLOG on the right hand column. Please feel free to share this information to those who you think would enjoy songs of yesteryear.

This video features two songs related in subject. That One Lost Sheep / The Ninety and Nine.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


Eric said...

Lovely songs and a great ministry of encouragement to the residents there, Dick. I remember giving a Christmas music concert there some years ago and the residents were so appreciative and warm. It is a nice memory for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dick, your singing is great as it has been since I heard you singing in 1952-3 when we had the quartette at Central Church. When you came to Yuba City you and I sang a duet at our Church. So when I heard you singing "Miracle of Love" I decided to add the tenor harmony and you and I sounded really great. Since we have some of your recorded music I can sing along with you when I can.

It would have been fun to help you with the Town and Country concert.

Best regards,

Dave and Marlene

ENID said...

What an amazing voice you have, Dick. Jeff and I were both listening to this and were commenting on how smoothly and beautifully you style even the smallest phrase. We are so glad we both had the opportunity to sing with you.

Thomas said...

Dick I so enjoyed your singing. It was very soothing. For your info I can be seen in the new movie Angel and Demons although the part in which I actually had some lines got cut out :( Anyway I got paid for the lines and qualified for the Screen Actors Guild. Sorry I missed you at the last YOB's meeting. I was working on a movie currently call the Untitled Nancy Meyers Project. I got to work with Merrill Streep and Alex Baldwin :) Take care of yourself ....Tom Fisher