Tuesday, July 22, 2008

53 Years And Counting

Today (July 22) is our anniversary. Our 53rd anniversary! Where has the time gone? How come I can remember so many events and place years to them during these 53 years? I'm too young to be married this long!

But the truth is -- Ann and I were married on July 22, 1955 in Kansas City, Missouri at our home church. Ann was born in Kansas City and started attending Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene when she was able to go to church. Her father, Robert A. Edwards, was the treasurer for over 40 years. Her mother, Mildred Speakes Edwards, was the organist for as long.

I came to Kansas City from Celina, Ohio in September 1949. My Uncle Ray and Aunt Edith invited me to live in their home. I was at my grandparents home from 1942 to 1949 and grandmother was in failing health when I was asked if I would move to Kansas City to live with an uncle and aunt. They had one child -- Kathy -- age 18 months. I accepted their invitation and began a whole new life. Moved from a small town of 5,000 people to a very large city.

A day or two after I arrived, I went with Ray & Edith to the Edwards home which was one and a half blocks from them. Ray had to see Mildred Edwards about some music (Ray Moore was the Minister of Music) and I sat in the living room being uncomfortable as their daughter, Ann, was there. I was 15 years old and Ann was 14. I was not into meeting girls at that age. Not interested at all. But -- Ann had different plans. After the visit she told her mother "that is the man I will marry"! How did she know?

I dated a couple of girls in the next three years but only a couple of times. Again, I was not into that. I went to Pasadena Nazarene College in the fall of 1952 and Ann came there in 1953. We had a "standing" agreement that if she didn't have a date on Friday, we'd do something like miniature golf, go out for a hamburger, go see one of the Radio/TV shows in Hollywood, etc. Funny how she happened to not have any plans on Friday evenings.

We started going steady in February 1954 and engaged a year later. It's been quite a journey and I wouldn't change a thing.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ANN. Thanks for being my wife and the mother of our kids, Rick and Brenda.
53 years and counting!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Staying married to the same person for 53 years is so rare these days. God has blessed your home together.

Clara....in TN said...

You and Ann have my husband and me beat by one year....almost to the day. We got married on July 21, 1956. I don't know where time goes.
I found you at Ginnys Blog.