Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let The Chips Fall Where They May

Disney Cruise Item Number 4

One of the afternoon activities they offered on this cruise was a golf chipping contest. In the main lobby they laid out a rug designed with several point values on it. Sometimes it is plus 15 and sometimes it is minus 3. You get three shots a round and a couple of rounds to get your final score and then they declare a winner. The day before this contest I wasn't able to make the time for the chipping contest and heard that a 12 years old girl had won. The cutoff age for this event was 12.

The ball was one of the whiffle balls with Velcro strips around them. The yellow one was for double points. That strip made the balls hit and stick. No rolling at all. where you hit it, that is where it stayed.

Check out that form! We got to practice a few before hitting for good.

On this contest day that 12 year old girl was there again! Her name was Lexie (probably for Alexis) and was an athletic person who played soccer and other active games in school but not golf. There were probably six contestants for this test of your skills and take a wild guess who won? Well, it wasn't me! It was Lexie again. Then they had a "chip off" for the two next highest scores and that was Lexie's dad and myself.

We both got one shot. The highest score got second place. We both hit the same spot! So a tie was declared and we each got a prize of two Disney Cruise golf balls and some tees in a case. We also won a medal to hang around our necks that said "I'm A Winner" in the shape of (be surprised) Mickey's head and ears. I wore mine the rest of the afternoon. Why not brag a little?

Dick and his prize winnings. I know exactly where I can lose them!

Lexie's Dad, Lexie, and Dick. Organizer of the contest is in back.

Lexie and her family live in the San Francisco area. Nice family.

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