Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmases Past

Intentions are great but they must be carried out to be effective. Like New Years Resolutions! Ann and I started out married life together on July 22, 1955 and celebrated our first Christmas together that year. We thought -- wouldn’t it be great to purchase a special ball each year for the Christmas tree and in 50 years we would have a tree with a special ball for each year! Great idea you think? We intended to do just that.

After Christmas was over, Ann would write about what we did and interesting things that year. This paper would be rolled up and attached to a string which will make it possible to pull it out of the ball and read in years to come. That lasted just four years. Balls 1957 and 1958 have broken but we still have the paper with her thoughts. Balls 1955 and 1956 were on our tree again this year -- 53 years later! Ann was “in a family way” for our first Christmas in 1955 and Rick joined us in 1956.
Our first Christmas ball ornament 1955

Our second Christmas ball ornament 1956

Our daughter came along in 1959 and she thinks it was because of her that we stopped the tradition. Maybe just being a busy family did it. I don’t know or remember why that tradition stopped. Brenda has carried on the tradition with her family.

Another tradition we have is Christmas music. There are lots of records (yes the vinyl type), CD’s and cassettes, Video and DVDs that get played every year starting on the first day we decorate the house for the season. We have six weeks of Christmas music going at home and in the car. The very first recording we purchased for Christmas is still being played 53 years later. It’s a favorite and was put together by RCA Victor with the current entertainment singing stars of that time. Of course, Perry Como is on it!

To Wish You A Merry Christmas
The RCA Victor Family
Copyright 1954, Radio Corporation of America

Other artists on this record are Eddie Fisher, Eddy Arnold, Eartha Kitt (who just passed away and is still known for her rendition of “Santa Baby”), Tony Martin, Dinah Shore, Vaughn Monroe, The Three Suns, and a few popular orchestra leaders like Hugo Winterhalter.

Traditions are wonderful if carried out. Kind of like New Years Resolutions.

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Julie Hibbard said...

I have all of my kids ornaments that they made while they were in school and in Sunday school. I also bought each of them an ornament every year as they were growing up. A Barbie one for my daughter every year and one that went with what ever my son was into that certain year--baseball, Starwars, etc.
They are all in my garage. Allison is in Africa and Zac in a tiny apartment in LA. Good thoughts, good traditions, but no way to really carry it through.
I have 25 plus years of ornaments in my garage...lots of stories to tell with them.
I like the fact that you might not have all the ornaments, but you have the wife to share the memories with. Trust me Dick, that's way better.