Sunday, January 25, 2009

Remembering Faye Moore Johnson

Faye Moore Johnson -- July 2, 1937 to January 24, 2009

Faye Johnson passed away Saturday evening (1-24-09) at 6:40 p.m. Kansas time at the age of 71 of liver failure. Faye wasn’t known to a lot of people but she was to me -- she was my sister. By that I mean we had the same mother and father. We weren’t raised together as you would think of as a family.

Faye is three years younger than I and was born on July 2, 1937. She was the 3rd child of Leonard and Evelyn Moore. She had two brothers older than her. Ben was born in 1932 and Dick in 1934. Her younger brother Bob was born in 1939 and sister Lenna came along in 1940, just two months after our father had passed away from illness.

Our family was split up by court order among relatives of our father in 1942. Faye was 5 at the time. She went to live with our Aunt Ruth Reynolds in Elkhart, Indiana. They raised her as one of their own. She always called Aunt Ruth “mom”. I got to see Faye often as I lived with our grandparents in Celina, Ohio and her new parents came to see Ruth’s father and mother on occasion. Ernie and Ruth moved to California in the early 1950s and Faye was able to attend one semester of Pasadena Nazarene College while I was there. She was unable to continue college and married Russ Johnson who she met through our brother, Ben, who settled in California after his time in the Navy.

Russ and Faye had four children. Jeannette, Lynette, Leonard and Jim. Jim preceded her in death a few years ago having taken his own life during a difficult time. Russ and Faye divorced after many years together and ended up in the same town as their children. They both moved to Stafford, Kansas and kept in touch through activities with their children who had moved there separately.

Russ passed away a couple of years ago. Through Russ, Faye was able to meet Les Carter, a cousin of Russ’ who lived in Nebraska. They had a relationship until Les also died in 2008.

Faye is the second of our family to pass away. Ben, the first born, died suddenly on April 22, 1963 of a heart attack. That was one day after his 31st birthday.

Although we weren’t raised together, we were family and kept in touch. Faye is now with the Lord and free from pain. The following pictures tell some of the story of our “reunions”.

Dick, Ben, Lenna and Faye at the 1948 Moore Family Reunion

Lenna, Dick, Faye and Bob -- 1952 Elkhart, Indiana (After Dick's HS Graduation)

Faye leaning on Dick's 1947 Plymouth - Whittier, CA Dick, Faye, and Bob at their mother, Evelyn's memorial service 1984
Faye and Bob (in driver's seat) with Bob's 1930 Model A Ford - Muncie, IN

Faye and Les Carter 2008

Pictures help keep memories alive. I'm glad we have these to remember Faye in healthier times.


Anonymous said...

Our sympathy on the passing of your sister. Our hope is that when we lose a loved one, we know we will see that person again in Heaven.

CP and Nancy

Anonymous said...

It's hard to lose family. Even though we didn't keep in touch, other than through the family Round Robin, I will deeply feel the loss of Faye. She lived with my family briefly, before she went to live with Aunt Ruth, so she felt like my sister for a time. My heartfelt sympathies are with you and the rest of the family.


Eric said...

Dick, Laura and I are sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing here story with us.

Anonymous said...

My deepest, heart-felt sympathies to you and your family Dick. You are a loving, kind man and it seems like it must run in your family.
You are in my thoughts at this time.
God Bless you!

Rick Moore said...

I'm sorry to hear about Aunt Faye. My prayers are with you, Bob, Lenna and the rest of Faye's family.

Anonymous said...

I too join in expressing sympathy to you and the rest of the family. Though I'm in a younger generation and so didn't know Faye I do know what the Moore family has meant to all of us. Their legacy of faith continues and is still being passed to our childre. I am sure Faye is now enjoying eternity in the arms of our Lord.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your sister. Praying for you and the rest of your extended family. I knew that Faye was ill, but not that she was near death. Take care of yourself. Love, Helen

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how heaven works exactly, but I just asked God if He could somehow make sure that my parents could meet your beautiful sister. Dave and I send all our love to you and Ann.. and your whole family. I'll be keeping your hearts tight inside of mine...

We love you so much,
Dave and Lori Bechok

Anonymous said...

Our family has been so spread out it's been hard to know each one well. I know Faye was a wonderful and godly woman. There is a great family reunion we'll all get to enjoy someday. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all.

Harlan & Barbi Moore

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read of your sister's passing. I'm sure that even though you two lived miles apart there was a bond. It is always difficult to realize that they are not available any more to communicate with. I extend my sympathy to you, your immediate family and your remaining siblings. Karl Allmandinger

Thomas H. Fisher said...

Dick, I just got back from the inauguration in Washington DC and finally got around to reviewing my email. I was so sorry to read about the death of your sister. It appears she was a beautiful person and I know you will miss her. While I know she will be missed and I can see that she had a full life and was loved. That is what we all hope for. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Your friend, Thomas Fisher (YOB Board of Directors)