Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dick's Surgery Update 2

This is from Ann Moore:
It was a long day today but Dick was looking better tonight. He was able to get up and take about three little walks today. He is off of the morphine which will help a lot. He was very tired all day and slept quite a bit because they woke him up about every hour during the night.

He is on breathing treatments every four hours and every hour he has to use the little breathing machine that many of you are familiar with if you have been in the hospital. It is to keep him from developing pneumonia. He coughs a lot when he uses it but the surgeon said it was what was expected and needed.

The doctor decided to take him off of oxygen because he wants him to consciously take deeper breaths even if they hurt. His color was greatly improved tonight.

We may not have the results of the biopsies until next Wednesday because the pulmonologist said that it would be sent to Arizona for a final decision regarding what he is dealing with.

He will be unable to drive as long as he needs to take pain medication. Rick and Brenda are helping me a great deal. They both spent the better part of today with me. Rick takes me there and brings me home. He drives our car so that he has access to my wheelchair.

They are making sure that I have meals and they are a great source of comfort to Dick. I felt MUCH better about his situation tonight. He has some wonderful care givers. We really like the surgeon and the pulmonologist.

He knows that people are praying for him and it means so much to him.
Thank you so much for being there for us.

I will probably not be able to answer all of the emails but please know that they are read, appreciated and sent on to Dick's computer for when he gets home.

Thank you for being there.
Ann Moore

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Anonymous said...

We're happy to hear that Dick got through the ordeal of the biopsy OK, and is regaining his strength. We pray every day for God's healing touch on Dick and spiritual strength for both of you.