Sunday, March 8, 2009

Would You Like To Be A Part Of History?

This BLOG is about my life and is being written for my family and long time friends to remember Ann and me. Do you know your great grandparents? Most know their grandparents but not their great grandparents.

My grand kids will be coming into the time they will have families of their own and I want their kids to know who their great grandparents were. That is my motivation to write these stories. It's OK for you to read them too even though you are not family or have known us a long time. Some of these stories will bring back memories of yours that you may wish to share with others.

Now about that history part -- if you have a comment, please feel free to write something on any of the stories whether it reminds you of something in your past or you just enjoyed it. All Comments are printed off as well as the stories for the book I am making for the family. So -- you can be a part of that history!

If you want to set up a Google account it is very simple. On the Comment page you can follow directions to do that. Posting a picture with your account will show you and your comment whenever you write something. If you do not want to set up an account -- that's OK too. Just move the dot to the Anonymous line and click publish. Be sure to type your name at the end of the comment so I will know who wrote it.

I'd love to hear from you. And you can be a part of history in the process.

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