Friday, February 15, 2008

Two Magazines You Might Like

I'm a fan of days gone by and subscribe to two magazines that cover the past. You might look them up on the internet to see if they might interest you.

Reminisce & Reminisce Extra

These magazines come every other month and if you subscribe to both, you get one a month.
They are reader written but edited by a staff in Greendale, WI. They ask for submissions on various topics and if you have something - pictures - stories -comments - they want you to submit them and maybe they will be accepted and printed. I have submitted three succesful items and it is nice to see your work or pictures in print in a national publication. For instance - they asked where you were on April 12, 1945 when President Roosevelt died. I knew exactly where I was because I was a newspaper boy for The Daily Standard in Celina, Ohio. I have the actual paper that was published that day - 4-12-45! The headline was "ROOSEVELT DEAD, TRUMAN PRESIDENT. I sold papers that day for 3 cents each as an Extra. That was the only paper I kept in the 6 years I was a paper boy. My picture holding the paper and a short article about it was published in the section about the death of a president.

I like their feature on old cars. Stories about trips and restoring your favorite ride with pictures makes the magazine interesting to me. They have one item every time on "Name That Car". Most of the time I can get the make of the car and pretty close to the year. They give clues and the answer will be on one of the last pages in the magazine.

Every issue starts out with a story about Clancy Strock called "I know - I was there!" The latest issue has his obituary as he died December 16, 2007. His articles are always interesting relating stories of the past as it relates to the present. I will miss his feature.

Look them up on

Good Old Days

This magazine is also reader written but has fewer pictures and are always printed in black and white. Mostly stories of past memories. Enjoyable if you like the past.

Look them up at

Ann and I both enjoy these magazines and want to share the sites with you.

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