Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I have noticed that I haven't been getting any comments on any of the postings with one exception -- the 2nd one. I have 4 comments and all are from people who have set up a Google account.

Not everyone will want to set up an account in order to comment on anything I say. So I have made it possible for anyone to comment by using the "anonymous" part which is located just below your comment. Identify that when you want to post your comment on any item I have written. Then click on "Publish Your Comment". It will then be shown on the left and I will be able to read it along with anyone else reading the post and comments.

I really want to hear from you. Did you like what I wrote? Do you have something to say concerning the topic? One think I will ask you to do is to identify yourself at the end of the comment. Those with Google accounts will be identified with their name but anyone using "anonymous" will be identified as anonymous. So please sign your name.

Please re-read any of the previous Postings and comment if you would like. Perhaps you tried before and was unsuccessful and just gave up. Please try again!

It takes some time to figure out all the situations that occur on Blogging. I'm new to this so bear with me. Any help from those of you familiar with Blogging would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading my BLOG


Ann said...

This is a test for Ann.

Anonymous said...

I followed the link from over at Holy Coast, and yes, I do like what you have to say. I enjoyed your posts from when you filled for Rick a few times. I must say I'm a tad envious of where you live. I'm up here in Minnesota, and boy has it been cold.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how closely our childhoods are similar. I was born in Ohio and spent my early years living with my grandpatents as my father was in the Army during WWII. We did have a bathroom with hot water but we had no car. Every September my grandfather would order a load of coal for the winter to heat the house and I always had great fun helping him haul it to the back yard and dumping it in the coal bin. Our phone number was ME 11508 and was ok as long as no one was on the "Party Line". Summer nights were spent on our front porch. We enjoyed catching lightening bugs and playing "kick the can", however, we had to be home as soon as the street lights came on. I remember the Ice Man coming each week to put a block of ice in the "ice box" and waiting for some of the melt off to get a glass of ice water.I slept in the attic and there was no heat up there in the winter. Getting up in the morning was a real challenge. In the 5th grade I borrowed $111.00 to buy a paper route and delivered the Jackson Daily News seven days a week. I had to use two paper carrying bags, one on each shoulder, so I could stand up straight while delivering the paper. I learned a lot about people at an early age when I went to collect $1.25 each month for the paper. It was a simple but fun time. You played with friends as there was no TV, computers, electronic games, etc. It made no difference as we had no money anyway. We went to school during the week, were in Cub Scouts, went to Sunday School and Church on Sunday mornings and Grandma fixed family dinner for Sunday afternoon when my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins all came over for dinner. I am all for progress but I do believe our children have missed out on some of the more wonderful things in life. Your neighbor.
Dick H.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dick = My name is Ida and I'm Lortta'S sister. I came in to view your comments on Erin and stayed for the whole show and enjoyed all the rest too. My favorite, I think was your surprise cruise for you wife, along with your friends. I also enjoyed the comments from your neighbor, Dick H. Although I've always lived in the south (for which I'm eternally grateful to the wonderful parents who raised me), we have still experienced some brutally cold weather in the winter. At this moment in my lifetime, I get quite chilled even in the summer. The heat feels wonderful to me. Visiting our grown children in places where it snowed truck-loads sand have left an indellible mark in my soul. Mobile, AL is home now and since the day of my seventh birthday when we took the long trek in an old car and moved to the Gulf Coast. Daddy always said Mobile was good to them and he saw no reason to go back to Palatka and the eastern side of the Fountain of Youth. Mobile is HOME. Dick H's values don't differ much from mine. Even in the hottest summer days we played ball until we couldn'trememdously (Colorado Springs, Christmas of 1982). Loretta and I were born in sunny Florida and the Florida sun and t

see. Watermelon was the perfect end of a day and on week ends there was hand churned ice cream and riding in Uncle Otis' open truck to the gulf for swimming. Sunday School and other church activities were the center of our lives, urged on by the clean, God-centered lives of parents who cared how we were raised. At this moment, I'm in the fight of my life with kidney faillure, heart problems, a benign brain tumor, etc. My primary care doc mentioned recently that I had been through a lot these past two months. I thought about this and realized it didn't seem like that much because I did not have to do it all alone because God was with me during it all and beside, He only gave it to me one at a time. During this time, I fell and broke my right "pinkie" and had my hand encased up to the elbow with a cast. Seventy-three years old and had my first cast. I was so proud until I encountered a rash of unknown cause which brought on the wildest itching of my life. When the cast was removed and a pen cap was exposed, my first though was "where did THAT come from!!! Thanks for letting me vent. That's what you get for letting me read your blog. I could get use to this. I've even learned in writing this to sub another finger for the pinkie. Keep up your blogging - I fully intend to come back