Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting To Know You ------

That phrase is in a famous song and is a good way to start this story concerning my life. In 2003, I wrote my autobiography called "Piqua To Palmia - A Life's Journey". I was born in Piqua, Ohio and now reside in a retirement community in Mission Viejo, California called Palmia. This was for my family and long time friends. I printed about 100 copies and none are available at this time

This book has stories and pictures concerning my life's journey which I will share with you from time to time. Everything in life reminds you of something that happened in your earlier days which helps to tell a story.

This has been a wonderful trip for me. I have been able to do so many things in my life that many people only dream about. I have been on television and stage because of The Watchmen Gospel Quartet. I have recorded four record albums with them as well. My voice has been preserved so that others will know what it sounded like. Because of our 47th wedding anniversary (in 2002), I made a CD and cassette of 12 songs that meant a lot to Ann and myself.

I found a paragraph written by someone unknown that sums up our lives and put it at the beginning of my book. It goes like this ---

"As we look back over our lives, it is not too difficult to see that what we went through was for a purpose and helped to prepare us for some valuable work in life. Everything in our lives can help make us of some use in the world. Each person's life is like the pattern of a mosaic. Each thing that happens to us is like one tiny stone in the mosaic, and each tiny stone fits into the perfected pattern of the mosaic of our life, which has been designed by God."

No more than once a week I will write in this BLOG something from the book which will help you to know my life better. Come along for the journey.

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