Friday, May 23, 2008

Retirement Day - 12 Years Ago!

My Last Home Sweet Cubicle
Twelve (12) years ago today was my last day of work at State Farm Insurance. How come it doesn't seem that long ago? I really can't say that 5-23-96 was my last work day as I did very little work that day. Mostly walked around the office and said my good-bys to co-workers that I spent so much time with over the years and had my party.

Mesa Team 5 - My Last Auto Unit

I didn't normally wear a tux and dinner jacket to work but after lunch I went home and changed into my tux to "go out in style". A friend of mine, Jerry Ammann, retired a couple of years earlier and did that for his last half day. I thought it was classy. He went one step further and rented a limo to bring himself and his family to his party. I borrowed the idea of the tux from him.

With Jerry & Vi Ammann
I completed 37 years of service and thought it was a good time to take advantage of Social Security by retiring early at age 62. State Farm agreed to let me receive a monthly retirement transfer if I would promise to stay home and out of the way. I agreed to their terms and in the process of my retirement years, State Farm decided to sell the property where the Regional Office was and move the operations to Bakersfield with some claim activity to Irvine. I guess they couldn't get along without me. The former building was located off the 405 Freeway at Harbor in Costa Mesa where the new Design Center is now built. We had a huge one story building but they torn it down and started over on that property.

Here are a few things that has happened in my life since I retired:

1. Sold our Huntington Beach home and bought a new one story, three bedroom, two bath home. We downsized and moved into a retirement community called Palmia in Mission Viejo.
2. Two grandchildren were born. Hannah on September 14, 1996 and Rachel on August 13, 1998. These are Brenda's children. Hannah was "on the way" at my retirement party.
3. Open heart surgery on January 10, 1997 less than two months after moving into our new home. Four way bypass.
4. Took two cruises - 1997 and 1999. Getting ready for cruise number nine next month when we join Brenda's family on a Mexican Riviera Disney cruise.
5. Got Ann through brain surgery and infection in 2004 and back to health. Thank the good Lord.
6. Celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary in 2000 and our 50th in 2005. Number 53 coming up in July.
7. Turned Medicare age (65) in 1999 and jumped with both feet into the 70's in 2004.
8. Attended my 50th Year College Graduation Reunion in 2006 at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. My classmates changed so much they didn't even recognize me! I graduated from Pasadena Nazarene College which moved to this location in 1973.
9. Had our first grandchild (Emily) graduate from MVHS and she has completed her first year in college already. Attending Sonoma State University majoring in music.

Here are some pictures taken at the retirement party.

Dick & Ann Moore

Steve Wentz - John Packham - Westlake Village Office
Jon McNay - Bill Huffstutter - Bakersfield Office

Came to my party!

Co-Workers From Vietnam

Tammy Truong - Le Do - Tran Tran

Onward to lucky number 13!

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