Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Is Birthday Month In Our Family

Many families have a particular month that a lot of their family has birthdays. Ours is April. The first one this month is on the 10th and belongs to our son, Rick Moore. He was born just six days before my 22nd birthday, April 16th. Next comes Brenda's big day on the 24th.

Brenda is taking a trip to a small island in Indonesia this month called Sumba. She does the computer work for the Sumba Foundation and they asked her to go on this trip with the wife of the founder. They will be gone from 4-13 to 4-26 thus spending her birthday on the trip. We're proud of her for giving of her time for this charity and for spending her own money to take the trip. We know that Scott, Hannah and Rachel are also very proud of her.

My older brother, Ben, was also born in April -- the 21st. He passed away at the age of 31 in 1963 just one day after his birthday. Had a heart attack.

This month is also Rick & Anne's 21st wedding anniversary. That will be on April 4th. Happy Anniversary, Rick & Anne. They were blessed with two children, Emily and Eric (our first grandchildren).

We're proud of our family. Can you tell?

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthdays, Moores.

The Coles