Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's been a while since I have received any comments on any of the postings. Any one out there?

You do not have to set up a Google account in order to leave a comment. It's not hard to set one up but many of you won't want to do it. So what you need to do is to move the dot to "anonymous" which is just below your comment. You will have to enter some letters for security -- just copy what you see. Then click on "Publish Your Comment". The comment will then be shown on the left and I will be able to read it along with anyone else reading the post and comments.

You will have to identify yourself at the end of the comment if you are using "anonymous". If you set up a Google account it will identfy you. Please sign your name.

I really want to hear from you. Did you like what I wrote? Do you have something to say concerning the topic? Have you had an experience like it?

If you have been unsuccessful in posting a comment, please try again.

Thanks for reading my BLOG.

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