Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ansco Box Camera

I bought my first camera in 1948 while living with my grandparents in Celina, Ohio. My paper route supported my picture taking expenses. I was 14 years old and decided to buy a box camera to record my adventures, relatives, and friends. It was an Ansco Box Camera and my daughter, Brenda, has the original. I have one just like it that I found in an antique store in Oklahoma. That is the one pictured above.

The camera took eight (8) pictures to a roll and didn't have a flash -- all pictures had to be taken in daylight outside. I took pictures of our home, my grandparents, my older brother Ben who lived there with me and relatives who came to visit.

This is a picture of my brother Ben Moore at our home on Brandon Street 1948.

I have a picture of Grandpa's 1938 Hudson Terraplane, my Whizzer Motor Bike, Ben's motor bike, a 1948 Tucker on tour that stopped in Celina (see previous post). I regret that I didn't get a picture of my P48 Powell Motor Scooter.

Grandpa's 1938 Hudson Terraplane. Note the headlights moved to the fenders.

Cousins Norm Reynolds and Dave Ummel on my Whizzer Motor Bike

Ben on his motor bike

I have pictures of a few friends, especially my best friend Tom Keifer. Tom and I were the same age and attended the same church. He lived a few blocks from me and we would go bike riding often together on Sunday afternoons. We built a trailer that was attached to the back of my bike.

Tom Keifer on one of our Sunday bike rides.
The picture of four newspaper boys was taken out back of The Daily Standard office. These were fellows that I worked with when I was a paper boy.

L-R -- Paul Shiverdecker (bought my Whizzer when I moved), Tom Keifer, Ralph Grapner, and Morris (forgot his last name).

For several years we lived at 230 W. Warren Street in the church parsonage. Lots of kids in the neighborhood. Pictured here is the "Warren Street Gang" with me on the back left. The fellow in the front right is Bob Stein who took over my route when I left Celina in 1949.

I wish I had taken more pictures. I'm thankful that I did take some to remind me of earlier times of my life.

Happy Picture Taking To You!

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Ginny said...

I have enjoyed reading your blogs as I too am very attached to the Good Old Days. I am 87 and spend nearly all of my time writing and self publishing books about those days and how they differ from today. I still have my first camera also - a box camera - which I purchased in 1935. I will be posting more of my old pictures in the near future. Again, thanks for the good reading. Keep those blogs comming.