Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ryan & Alan From Tahiti

Every Tuesday afternoon is reserved for me and golf. Ann is usually working on her computer and this gives me a few hours to leave the home and commune with nature -- a walk in the green pastures!

I used to have a regular foursomes and twosomes that met every Tuesday. The last twosome I was in met at 3:00 p.m. at the David L. Baker Executive Golf Course in Fountain Valley next to Mile Square. We aren't meeting now so I pick and choose what course to play each week. Sometimes it is Baker, sometimes Casta del Sol (Mission Viejo) and many times it is Newport Beach Golf Course, an executive (par threes and fours) located at the end of the John Wayne Airport runway.

This past Tuesday was one of those times I went to Newport Beach. I get to play all 18 holes for the senior rate of $13 if I am there before 3 p.m. Takes about 3 hours to play on most afternoons. Since I don't have a regular standing time with anyone now, I either play the 18 holes by myself or join someone at the starters window.

This time there were two young men that I joined and we all played 18 holes. They were Ryan and Alan. I asked if they were from around here and they said they lived in Tahiti and worked for Air France as flight attendants. They come to America twice a month sometimes spending 24 hours and sometimes have four days between return flights. This was one of the times they had four days and they spend it playing golf. Tough life! I asked them where else they fly and they said this is it -- two times a month.

They spoke good English to me but French to each other all around the course. So on number 18 tee I got an idea -- call Ann and let my new friend talk to her in French. I called her and said I wanted her to meet my new friend Ryan. Turned the phone over to him and he started talking French to her. Both had a laugh at that and then he switched to English to finish the conversation telling how he met me and enjoyed the round of golf.

I saw an opportunity to get a hit on my BLOG from Tahiti and gave both fellows a card with my web site address. They promised to check it out when they get back home. I told them that I have had hits from Romania, Switzerland, Canada, Korea, Netherlands, England, Australia, Finland, Italy, Indonesia, and Ireland. I needed someone from Tahiti to look at my BLOG too! I was pretty excited when I got five countries that found me on the internet and my son put me in my place -- he said he has 85 countries that have read his BLOG which is He writes and comments on political and current events and my BLOG is about the past and my memories. More people are searching for his information than mine.

Since they come into town a couple of times a month, I asked them to give me a call and we'll play golf again. Imagine, my golf partners come in from Tahiti to play golf with me!

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