Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Elvis Stories

In the early 1970s, probably 1972 or 1973, Ann and I attended a Quartet Gospel Concert in the Long Beach Auditorium. At that time I was involved in quartet music with a group that started singing together in 1971. We were interested in "the big groups" that traveled full time in this field like The Blackwood Brothers, The Imperials, J.D. Sumner & The Stamps, The Spear Family, The Oak Ridge Boys, and many others. Every year some of these groups would come to Long Beach to entertain those that enjoyed that type of music.

J. D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet was at this particular concert and J.D. was talking to the crowd. He said a friend of his was back stage and he wanted him to come out and take a bow. This friend couldn't sing for us because of contract obligations but he could at least come out and take a bow. Out comes Elvis Presley, cape and all. The crowd went wild including us. We had never seen Elvis in person before so it was a treat just to have him on stage waving to us.

The Stamps Quartet sang with Elvis backing him up in Las Vegas. Elvis always had a gospel quartet with him on concerts in Las Vegas and many times on appearances on TV such as the Ed Sullivan Show. The Stamps were the latest group that he worked with on tour.

Elvis Presley was making a comeback at this time and his popularity was still high. People loved Elvis. His personal appearance shows sold out quickly. He was a showman.

We had watched him on TV but this was the first time we actually saw him in person. The only time. Never went to a concert but saw him perform on television many times.

The company I worked for had an anniversary party to celebrate those who had served the company many years and on one occasion they hired "The Legends", a group of impersonators. Of course, they had "Elvis". A friend of mine was an Elvis freak and I talked to the person impersonating Elvis and told him about her. He made her day by singing a song to her in person. That was fun to watch.
But --- there has only been one Elvis.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Elvis is my "friend" considering I live with his image in various places in my kitchen. Great pics of the grandbirds! They are comfortable there. Pictures of you and Ann taken 12 years ago show that you have changed very little. Some people just age well! xoxo Nancy